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The basketball boys have joined the cheer squad and as usual Darren Docklands isn't making life easy. No matter how hard Charlie tries, she just can't seem to stop his behaving like a bully. When Laura faints at training it has everyone worried, especially Charlie. Visiting Laura at the hospital makes Charlie realise just how many sick children there are in the world. Charlie makes it her mission to bring some cheer to the lives of sick children and in the process, she even manages to become friends with Darren. Join Charlie as she proves there really is a lot of strength in a smile.


This is book six in the Cheer Chick Charlie series. These books are chapter books aimed at ages 7-11. This book is twelve chapters, 116 pages long and printed to be kind to dyslexic eyes. 


Written by an Australian author for a worldwide audience. 

The Strength of a Smile

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