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About the Author

Author Leanne Shea Langdown

Leanne and Charlie fan, Darcie, at a Cheer Chick Charlie event

Leanne Shea Langdown
Are you a publisher looking for a new series?

Leanne is a writer and an avid reader. As an only child, her best friends were the characters within the covers of her books and included great friends like Trixie Beldon, Nancy Drew, the Folk of the Faraway Tree and the twins from Sweet Valley High. She counts Cheer Chick Charlie as one of her new best friends.

Leanne’s inspiration for Charlie came from her own daughter’s desire to become a cheerleader.  Together they started a school squad and Charlie grew from the spirit of each and every one of their cheerleaders.

Through an engaging storyline and a delightful character the books have been written to inspire and encourage children, while giving them tools to handle life’s challenges along the way.

It's Leanne's dream to help as many children in the world as possible to believe in their own power through greater confidence and resilience. Luckily for Leanne, that's Charlie's dream too! 

Leanne adores her Charlie fans. If you'd like to touch base with her, please do! Talking to her readers (or the parents of her readers) is one of her all time favourite things to do.

Leanne started  Cheer Chick Charlie as a hobby which grew into something quite unique and rewarding. While Leanne chose to self-publish through Achieve Beyond  "just as a bit of fun" she's always open to the possibilities! As Charlie says, "What may not seem possible today, could be possible tomorrow. All you need is commitment, spirit and belief."

Leanne has those in spades and would be delighted to take the series worldwide if the right publisher were to come along.

Are you a school hoping for an author visit?

Leanne loves to chat about being an author and looks forward to visiting your school either in real life, or virtually through video presentation. Each presentation is specifically tailored for your school.

Reach out to Leanne via the contact form to get your author talk underway. It's free. comes with student workbook  PLUS Leanne will donate a set of books to your school library.

Would you like to find out more about our library donations?

Leanne enjoys sharing the Cheer Chick Charlie love and as part of her community contributions, regularly donates complete sets of books to school and public libraries, Contact Leanne to find out more about getting the Charlie books in your library today.

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