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Cheer Chick Charlie is at it again! This time she's on an adventure by the sea as she finds her inner wildlife warrior via a whole bunch of rubbish, a stranded crab, some glitter glue, a world famous surfer and a very detailed to-do list. Charlie doesn't stop cheering whether it's for sport, with her friends or for the little creatures in our world who can't speak for themselves. Join Charlie as she proves yet again that even little people can do very big things. Let's Do This! is everything you'd expect in a Cheer Chick Charlie adventure and a whole lot more.  Grab your beach bucket and come join in the fun.


This is book eight in the Cheer Chick Charlie series. These books are chapter books aimed at ages 7-11. This book is twelve chapters, 131 pages long and printed to be kind to dyslexic eyes. 


Written by an Australian author for a worldwide audience. 

Let's Do This!

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